India ~ being dogla!!

While reading the newspaper today I started laughing out loud seeing the below headline.

Support to Palestine Unwavering while Engaging with Israel: India

Our dear External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has said “Our strong traditional support to the Palestinian cause remains unwavering even as we pursue good relations with Israel.”

Few months ago India abstained the voting held by the UNHRC on the  Report of the Independent Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict which revealed the brutal Months long military operations done by Israel into Gaza. MEA made an excuse that since its a non signatory to the International Criminal Courts it chose to stand out of voting and followed the practice like in earlier cases of Syria and Korea.

Since we all know of Israel’s latest crush, its none other than India. Recent closeness of India and Israel is not hidden to the world, and the month long relationship has resulted of India voting in favor of Israel, though India – Palestine relationship is some 50 to 60 years old. There were news that Israel’s PM, Nethanyu personally asked PM Modi to abstain from the UNHRC vote. And after the vote, Israel’s Ambassador to India send out #thanknotes to India.

The Israel India relationship is getting stronger not just because of the Defence and Trade tie ups, but because of the huge rapport between Nethanyu and Modi. Both being accused as Mass Murderers and Anti Islamist. This relation tends to work more in the Modi Nethanyu relationship and the RSS run India Israel Relationship.

Devil & Devil

However keeping aside all criticism and looking practically towards India’s relation with Palestine and Israel. I’m sure that everyone would agree with me in saying India is planning to ditch Palestine, or India these days is getting more intimate with Israel and keeping relation with Palestine by just sexting.

India Palestine relationship

Since Indian Independence there have been strong bond with each other, And got even more stronger when Indra Gandhi and Yasser Arafat met, Then Prime Minister and President of respective countries. India always received undoubted support from Palestine and India too supported Palestine from voting in recognising Palestine’a country’ to giving monetary aid.

IndiaPalestine Relation

India Israel Relationship

Above picture clearly projects the Indian relationship with Israel. It was in 2014, after the RSS led BJP government won the Lok Sabha Elections with huge Mandate things turned the other way. And when Modi and Nethanyu met, only after this India’s behavior seems changed towards the Illegal occupation of Israel in Palestine.

Israels Illegal Occupancy
Israel’s Occupancy

India who always voiced against Israel’s occupancy has today signed Defense and trade relations with it. And now if you tell the world that “I am against Israel’s occupancy, though I have defense relations with the same” will that really work. I mean isn’t it a really #HardToDigest statement. Or might be the present Govt is taking the international audience for granted and treating them as Indians, the way they fooled Indians in their election campaign by promising some 11 lakh rupee to every Indian.

Well whatever the stories be and is projected, my sexy specs reveals you the hidden truth and the dual game which India is playing towards Palestine Issue. And no doubt that India will ditch Palestine and be in favor of Israel.

My request to the present government and to the United Nations is to take the matter more seriously and act upon it as fast as possible. And end the Century long Illegal occupancy and the Brutal Genocide taking place there. I pray that my specs prediction goes wrong and the Almighty makes me a witness of the Independent Palestine.

Viva La Palestine
#VivaLaPalestine  #FreePalestine #GazaStrip

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