Cow Killing ain’t the problem in India

For an Indian this might be shocking that, when the whole media and social network is honking Dadri Lynch from past one week how can someone even say this “Killing Cow is not a problem in India”.Well then yes, I go by my wordings “cow killing ain’t the problem but eating cow’s meat is only the problem in India”. Before explaining it let me make my statement more clear, “Cow Killing ain’t a problem, poor people eating them a problem in India”.

Maharashtra is a place where Beef got officially banned 6 months ago, unofficially Cows meat was banned some 20 years ago and now to the list of banned items bull and ox got included. We humans should be really ashamed, we have shown our true faces to cattle even.
The Maharashtrian government turned racist and has discriminated animals even.
All the WHITES or the animals who belonged to the Cow castes have been banned but there is no problem to kill or have Buffaloes meat. Why just because its BLACK ?.
If the Cow is holy, then why a ban on Ox and Bull and why didn’t they ban buffaloes, when India drinks their milk more with respect to cow.

Beef Export

Did you know ?  it’s the same state where companies export beef all over the world. And the BJP – Shiv Sena government doesn’t have any problem with that, but when poor people rejoice having their stomach full, these RSS, VHP and Bajrangdal got a problem with it.

You see exporting does mean you are killing but doesn’t mean poor people eating them, right ?

Beef ban has badly impacted the poor, farmers, cattle rearers. Each and everyone who played a role in Cows life cycle has been badly affected due to this ban.
A cattle rearer who used to sell the cattle when it turned old and unproductive (in terms of producing milk) can no more sell or make money and nor can he take care of the cattle who is of no more use to him. A person who could hardly save much for his family, how can he even think of taking care of a liability now. These old weak cattle are left on its own  on roads, some get hit by cars and if luckily they don’t, then they starve to death. Some days back reports of Cows mysterious deaths was on the news and the reason was due to the plastics and rags they ate.
Cow on road
However the cattle is going to die, what do you think is better ‘to die starving’ or ‘being fed to someone who is hungry’.
But these people of RSS, Bajrangdal and many more who protest “Eating Cow” are the ones who worship Cow and its the same people who never protest when cattle rearers ill treat their Holy Cow.
Suppose you are blessed with a baby and suddenly few people come and take your baby away from you, how would you feel? Imagine it being kept away for some 4 days… See how painful it would be for a mother. I can’t even Imagine it.
This is the worst form of treatment one can do to anyone I believe.
And you might be surprised to hear that new-born calves in India are kept away from Mother as this is the time when Cow produces the most milk. Can you imagine the situation, how painful it would be.

Cow killing protest
But then these Hindu outfits don’t have any problem in this nor they protest when cattle gets hit by car and nor they care for elderly weak cows who are stranded on the streets.

For people in India, Cow is Holy only when people eat it.

Like always things are not the same as its shown, at times eyes get to see only the half and the half remains unseen. This is where the Sexy Specs comes and gives you ‘the real and inverted image’.

You might have gone through news reports of that the Dadri lynch being a very well planned incident. It was reported in one of the dailies that from past 3-4 months, people from outside came to the village and conducted meetings with youth, brainwashed them and pumped communal hatred and the Hindutva propaganda into them. This is not just the case of Dadri, but every single village in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar is witnessing the same. Not for anything else but to divide votes on the basis of religion so as majority goes to BJP, who is supported by the Hindutva outfits like RSS, VHP and Bajrandal.

And the Dadri Lynch didn’t do a favor to BJP alone, but has also favored the Muslim Leaders across the nation and the parties who have always been soft cornered to Muslims such as JDU, RJD, BSP and Congress.  Each and everyone acted so fast to this situation, some condemning the act as shameful and winning Muslim vote banks and some backing the Dadri Lynch and winning Hindu votes. I mean till then BJP had never said anything related to Holy Cow in any of their election campaigns and suddenly after the Dadri Lynch, Sushil Kumar Modi (BJP leader from Bihar) announces that if they come to power they would ban Cow slaughter in Bihar too. Thus siding all the Hindu votes towards them.

Sometimes I feel we Indians will never change, earlier British played the divide and rule mechanism and today politicians are doing the same. I pray that everyone comes out of this communal based politics and vote for the development of the state.

Would love to witness the day when India will really be free and when true freedom as written in the constitution is enjoyed by each and every citizen irrespective of sex, caste and religion.

Till then Peace and Love to all of you.



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