You might be aware of this if you have been to any of the social network, where feeds are only of topless women taking selfies and using the hashtag #NoBraDay.

The month October is used in creating awareness about Cancer and its the 13th of October when the Breast Cancer Awareness Day is celebrated, when NGOs conduct workshops and events to spread awareness about the same. But The Huffington Post traced back the #NoBraDay to find that a Facebook page No Bra Day for Breast Cancer Awareness that reads: “Ladies, free your breasts for 24 hours, our perkiness should not b hidden. It is time world see what we’re blessed with.” has all to do with this #NoBraDay shit. And which have indeed put a bad impact to the awareness program.

My Question is how could #NoBraDay actually create awareness or support this cause. Or do some researches prove that putting bra may cause Breast Cancer ? No. Then why is everyone acting so illiterate starting from celebrities to great personalities, all have come out and posed bra less using the hashtag NoBraDay in order to create awareness about Breast Cancer. It’s really saddening that people have sexualized such a noble cause and have affected the seriousness of the disease.

Instead of people donating, joining the local events, supporting the NGO to create awareness, read and rally out with friends. All they have got to do is take selfie showing off their nipples. How is this ever going to support the victim or the Cancer Awareness Program.

In India situation is much more worse, even in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata there are women who are still ashamed of talking about Periods and Sanitary pads. So how do we except them coming for a Breast Cancer Awareness program. For this NGOs must organize themselves to the very inner parts in the city and rural areas and create small groups by indulging every buildings and society they live in. And thus passing on this message and creating awareness. I believe this is how we can help create awareness amongst women. And this can be easily propagated by educating High School and College Students so that they go and create awareness to their family and neighborhood. In fact using this as a school project can make a greater impact and help spread the Breast Cancer Awareness easily.
I believe we Indians should come out of all the myths and shyness. The faster we uproot this the faster we can save our women from many diseases. The day when people get serious about this and talk about this openly, educate their family members we can help save our nation from all types of problem.
Going through various posts and news report I found that a study claims that drinking Alcohol causes Breast Cancer . Even Smoking can cause Breast cancer too. It is better that people start avoiding these and loving their body parts and themselves more. Another study finds out that working women who have practiced less breast feeding, worked late nights and having stressed out are at higher risks of getting Breast Cancer.

So please just don’t be busy clicking selfie without a bra but also do a Self Examination and if possible go do a Mammography. The Self Examination are for young girls up to 20 years others must go visit doctor because researches have found out that of every 8 women one is about to get Breast Cancer in their lifetime. So please help save your self and others by spreading the message and awaking them. This is a very serious, if cancers are detected in earlier stage this can be cured so do the Self examination just go read the simple steps at www.cancer.org or even you can google it and you will find list of websites which gives you procedures on how to perform the same.

Though 13th October has passed away, I guess we have the rest of October which can be utilized for creating awareness on #BreastCancer. At least we treat the victims and cancer patients in the best way, go indulge with some NGO and help them organize event, or we could just invite our close relation for a dinner and discuss the matter with them and if you dont have time for all this you can also support NGOs by funding them for their great cause.

Hoping that Almighty blesses us all and keeps us away from all ailments and problems.

Peace and Love to all of you ;D 😀


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