Deadliest weapon on earth discovered; Stone.

Stone, as we all know its nothing new but small pieces of rock which are called stones. Like always Israel gets the credit for discovering the deadliest weapon on earth. Well researches and scientists of Israel have confirmed ‘stone’ as ‘a highly equipped weapon’ which is at par to every nuclear and atom bombs discovered till today.
Shocking naa.. I mean the stone with which we used to play in childhood is found to be the deadliest weapon, can you imagine what if Islamic State militants stop bombing Syria and starts pelting stones the whole world will blow off.

I hope you all are aware of the Third Intifada, the recent uprising of Palestinians against illegal occupation made by Israel.
Similar First, Second and Silent Intifada have taken place in the past which has resulted in complete clean of males of all ages from elderly to the youth. And that is  why the Third Intifada comprises of very few young males but mostly young girls and teen-aged boys.

Third IntifadaAnd the most worrisome news is the Intifada army has got hold of this deadliest weapon, almost each and every militant has this high equipped weapon which can cause greater devastation the world has ever seen. And for this Israel army has warned anyone seen using this weapon will be jailed for 20 years. Can you see how powerful the weapon is.

Every bit of the world today knows the Palestine story and how Israel has occupied their lands, and has left nothing for them but to revolt against them with whatever they are hold of.
It is very saddening that daily reports of people being killed are everywhere still there is no outrage. UN is silent because it is just a puppet to every powerful nation and Israel is one of them. But that doesn’t mean they can do anything at least we should come out and protest against this brutality of Israel. They have been struggling for freedom since 19th century and none is their to help them attain freedom.

We call ourselves civilized people, but if being civilized was keeping mum to every wrong acts then sorry I’m not one of this. I would love to remain uncivilized and uncultured tribal person who are surely not greedy like the civilized.
MysexyspecsThe above picture is a screenshot from a video where a protester probably a girl of early youth was shot by 10 Israeli police men and was left bleeding until she took her last breath. Similarly many girls who were protesting or pelting stones against the army have been shot dead.  And today Israeli Border Police arrested Diya, 11 and Omar, 12 in Hebron after school. These two small boys seen below were arrested for (stone-throwing) at the towering checkpoint. Now they will be in prison for some 20 years or so.

Third Intifada3rd Intifada

Every media seems to find fault against the Palestinians, but none gives a damn to ‘why a child of age 11 would ever take the risk of getting killed, when he is aware that opponents got guns and tanks on their side and all he has got is the deadliest weapon, stone.
I believe he is one of those who have lost their closed ones in earlier protests. Whatever it be its really shocking that girls of early youth and young kids are coming in front though many protesters have been shot and are being put to death in the worst form. Still the protest doesn’t seem to stop.

I’m still questioning why are they so adamant, why can’t they just leave the shit and live peacefully being an Israeli citizen. I know many of you will agree with this. But my question to you is if Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi and every other freedom fighters thought the same way then probably  today I’ll be having a British passport instead of the Indian one.

I hope you got the answer of why these young girls and children are coming out in order to get themselves killed. This is the actual freedom struggle which luckily we didn’t witness.

The Third Intefada #FreePalestine
The Third Intefada #FreePalestine

There have been reports of Palestinians using knives in their protests and stabbing the Israeli citizen, which I really feel is bad and they should have not attacked the citizens. But then when I relate the same to Indian freedom struggle then probably many Freedom fighters whom I like every other Idealize must be called ‘terrorist’,  which presently Israel is using towards Palestinian protesters.

I hope you can see what I am able to see or else take the help of My Sexy Specs, it might help you get the real image.
I know its tough to get the real picture easily, but can’t you see the media through which we are informed about all this are owned by these so called super powers. And everyone know how media has turned an effective means to fool people all around the world. But thanks to the #SocialNetwork , which has played a greater role in bringing out the bitter truth of everyone.

Like I read a  tweet quoting  “Palestinians are not a threat to Israel, but social network is”.

All this game of these greedy rich people are not only taking lives of Palestinians but innocent Israeli citizens are also getting killed. And as usual those rich seated on top as Prime Minister and President has only got the business of doing meetings and plan strategy on how to acquire more and more of the Palestine.

Third Intefada
Third Intefada

Earlier post have already shown my support towards Palestine. But today in all my consciousness I announce my support to each and every Palestinian. And I am with each child who is standing with stones in their hand against thousands of Army men, tankers, warplanes and not to forget the nuclear weapons.
Because later on its them who will honored as Freedom Fighters, its them whose story will be taught as history and its them whose pics will come on their nations currency. Humans will regret their decision of not supporting Palestine today and standing with Israel.

Viva La Palestine
Viva La Palestine

I pray that this violence ends very soon and freedom is given to Palestine. I would love to witness the same. And that day will be like the worlds attained Freedom. Don’t worry this day is not very far when an Independent Palestine will be reinstated .


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