Eight Zero Five One

Some years back
When I was enjoying my life
Two semesters have passed
I’m senior now, my turn to rag

I meet this creature at Lab
He stays fixed all the time
Paralyzed is he
Nor he eats, or is eaten by any

He is Adam to his people
No Eve, no siblings to him
He is virgin,
Yet father to many ?

Professor’s here
He tells the story of this creature
Mighty powers he has
The changes he brought to this sphere

Excited and hooked by his powers
Reclining I command by the tip of my finger
My world and I’m the creator
Thud! my reverie breaks

I’m back to the same class, same world
Sitting idle like him for an hour
I try detaching him from his place, his throne
Its hard, seems he has stayed here for longer

Slightly longer than an inch
Hardy black body has he
40 silvery legs as I count
Is the secret of getting fixed harder

I held him close,
just next to my nose
tattooed I see…

Can’t be his name, I’m sure
Or is he some Gajhini guy
I don’t get it, so tiny and blackish is he
Yet prides of being a computer.



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