Prove Innocence

Those days are gone when people where held as criminals on the basis of evidences of their wrong doings, when one case took thousands of dates to get solved, when the proper judiciary worked on course.
Actually my prayers came true, I criticized Indian judiciary and system a lot for their delay in judgments when every witnesses and culprits were there (The Nirbhaya Case). When I marched with fellow citizens shouting “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”.
And Happily those days are over I believe. If you feel someone is Anti-National, then straight away bang him down. Later you can file FIR, make arrests, cases and hear a judgement from judiciary.
Well this is what is happening around in our country today, students are being politically murdered, slapped, beaten and tagged Anti Nationals. Few of the lawyers, having political backup smashed reporters outside the Patiala Court. And a student who raised slogans against Prime Minister in midst of his speech, was slapped and thrown out of Banaras Hindu University by his party members.
And the Delhi Police Commissioner has asked students to”Prove your innocence “. People already brashed him for doing the sham arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar (JNUSU president) on the basis of some video in which Anti India Slogans were raised. That too later got confirmed it was morphed.  And now he is asking the students who went hiding since the #JNUrow took place to surrender and prove their Innocence. For some it may not sound weird but for me it is, how can a police ask someone to prove that you are Innocent. Or since our police has very long history of impotency, of not catching culprits, and decoding planned political riots and terror plots. So Instead of figuring out how to prove them guilt, he does the opposite by simply asking them to prove, if they are innocent.
This proves how fast the system has changed, how fast legal procedures take place now, You don’t even have to go to court, today media trials take place that too in front of whole nation, like Capital punishments today we have Capital Judiciary where the Anchor in the News hour is the advocate, prosecutor and the judge. He passes the judgement and people watching it believes that the person is culprit and whole mass is mobilized, next day people are on the streets to kick him out and hang him.

We as Indian citizen have the rights to express but expressing it in this manner, someone raises anti India slogans, someone tags another terrorists in front of whole world. We must wait for legal procedures to take place.

What am I blabbering, when the whole system has lost itself, when a commissioner passes such kind of comments, can anyone expect something worth from them. I certainly cannot, I guess all of us should wait for a day to come when we all will have to report daily to respective police stations with proofs to prove our Innocence, if not daily then weekly for sure.

I pray that I never get to see a day like this, but a fear is there deep inside me that such days are not very far when at present ‘right to dissent’ itself is into deep danger.


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