Keep Blogging, without thinking twice

After successfully publishing Yay! I win yesterday, I sat on WordPress reading fellow bloggers posts and getting enlightened with their views and knowledge. Every time I moved onto next post my eyes would check the notification tab on the bar above. And while doing the same a pop-up comes, a comment from one of my inspirations and in her comment she writes “Keep Blogging, without thinking twice”. This was in respond to what I wrote in my post fearing what others would think on my views and what people will think of me and my writing.


When I read this “keep blogging, without thinking twice” , I got cheered up not just because it was the first comment on my post but because of the wordings she wrote which gave me hope that a world is still there who does respect each and everyone’s views irrespective of what it may be. People are still there who don’t prejudice, but they have respect for the opinions which doesn’t go with theirs.

This actually injected me with high spirits to openly write my views and not keep quite and hear what others are trying to prescribe on us. With that high energy running inside me I travel into my mind space and work on what all topics I would write and how would those look, which politicians I will target and whom all I will defame. With all this in my mind I was all set to speedup a truck loaded with my words which would straight away go and bang those idiots who continuously are spilling venom to the society I live in.

When I am all set to write, again a fear pops in front of me, how do you know that these people whom you have belief in aren’t infected by the virus which is common these days. A virus which has been reported from almost every city, state and nation. A virus which is not only produced internationally but people have succeeded in producing this virus locally also. A virus which is so dangerous that can eat up an entire culture, race and history.

And again this fear disturbs and stops me from writing, will I be also tagged like others who earlier rose their voice against unjust, against a common thinking which people in my society believes.
And not just from the people who are infected by this virus, but from such groups who are the caretakers of our National security, who are doing regular witch hunt by painting false allegation on innocent youth of crimes that has no link with them. And one such attempt got exposed recently in front of whole India when they tried hard on tagging a student of Jawahar Lal Nehru University to some terrorist outfits. Similar incidents are going across the whole world, where the rich and powerful is continuously trying to oppress and make us all speechless.

These are the fears which keep hounding me, but those are not enough to suppress me and my views. A day would come when I will freely protest against them, a day would come when we all will fight for the oppressed and make earth a better place for everyone. And have faith in me that this day is not very far if we all come together.


Keep Blogging, without thinking twice

Hope this famous quote from one of our fellow blogger inspires you the way it has worked with me.  Happy Blogging 😀 🙂


10 thoughts on “Keep Blogging, without thinking twice

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  1. Aww, I’m proud of you! ☺ It’s good to know that your view changed! I’m sorry I couldn’t read your yesterday’s post, I’ll be reading it right now. I appreciate your views, I think this blog is the best way that you can voice your opinions, I feel that you have a kind of Power in your words, yes, that day isn’t so far, you’ll definitely succeed always!
    Just don’t let people affect you and your views. Keep blogging without thinking twice! 😋

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Arey arey areyy! Don’t embarrass me yaa please! 😅😅
        It was just a simple advice, as you said you kept backspacing your writeups, so I added that for you! ‘Keep blogging, without thinking twice!’ 😋
        Haha, abi don’t say that word ‘Thankyou’, you’ve already said a lot! 😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

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