Oxygen Lelo.., Co2 Lelo…

If you are Indian who watch Bollywood movies and still unable to figure the above dialogue, then it’s very sad for me for actually believing that this idea would be catchy. Hope you will get it from this…

“Aloo lelo….. Kandha lelo….. Aloo lelo….” A dialogue of Nana Patekar from the super hit movie Welcome. I have replaced Aloo and Kandha to Oxygen and CarbonDiOxide (CO2) in the Title.

Though I have added somewhat humor to the  title, the issue remains very serious which needs each and every human beings immediate attention.

After thinking a while on what to blabber today and reading some of the blogs, I came to a decision that I will write something which I experience or things that is happening around me, in my day to day life. That is when I found out that this issue must reach to others as well, though we all hear this kinda news from the media around us. Do all of us take them that seriously, are we really aware of it and what steps need to be taken to stop this.

Yesterday while dining,
My dad informs us all: That Zohan ( One of my cousins son) has been hospitalized. Immediately everyone went into:  why ? what ? how? when ?.
Father: Its nothing much to worry, he was having trouble in breathing so they took him     to hospital and he is admitted for now and everything is fine.
Mother: Thank God everything is fine, when did this happen, why didn’t you inform me earlier. Tomorrow morning itself we must visit the hospital.
(Me, my sister and brother looking up to each other and confirming that everyone is busy, so none of us are going to go)
And its decided that only Mom is going to hospital.

Just a random pic, to show how babies are given oxygen.


And today after Mom came back from visiting Zohan and his mother, she explained me what all happened starting from entering the hospital till her return, whom and all she met and every experience of this little trip that she had.

Well my mothers experience was very alarming as she saw every mother in vain, holding their child in their arms tight and feeling helpless. Can you imagine Mums with their new born in hand queuing up for oxygen. She said the hall was filled, every one was waiting for their kids chance. And another haunting news she gave me was about one of my Aunts neighbor, whom she met after meeting Zohan’s mother.

This Aunts grand child is admitted from past two months, as he was having trouble in breathing and the situation got worse as each day passed, that now he is on ventilator. The aunt cried to my mother ” don’t know whats happening, will I be able to see him grow, these doctors are thief they have made the matter worse and now they say that his Lungs have failed”. And my mother went on blaming doctors “The doctors have started business today, even if they don’t know the problem, they keep patients by experimenting and researching on them”.And she ended up by saying ” If now the condition is like this, what will happen in future, Oh God protect us all”.

Well I don’t know to what extent my Mom or the aunt is true about the doctor, but just look at the problem how big it has turned. Every second house here in my place has an Asthma patient today. We feel proud in seeing the technological advancement the world has made, but what about the other side, the destruction the world has done to himself. Why none feels sorry about it. Today giving birth has become a big problem, and even more problematic is the growth of the new born and taking care.

The problem of both child is some or the other way related to Breathing. The air we breathe in, is so polluted that those coming from heaven can not even live for seconds rather suffocate. That is when a picture crossed my mind of how hawkers would chant on roads in near future
Oxygen Lelo….“.

My dear Sons and daughters of Adam & Eve, please pay attention to this alarm. An alarm which not paid heed today can kill you and the people you love.
It’s high time that we, as citizens of this world think of how to end the problems earth is facing today, how to stop this drastic climate changes and how to decrease the pollution. It’s not just the governments duty, but most importantly our duty to force the government to work in this cause. To make these issues as important as an agenda on which parties fight the elections.

There are many organizations who work for this cause, we as youth must join them and start taking initiative on how to minimize pollution. And start creating awareness on these issues to our relatives and neighbors. Talking to each other is the best away to create such awareness.

That’s all, seems too much of preaching today. Praying that we and our future never get to witness such kind of scene where the Hawkers would actually sell Oxygen instead of vegetables and we all with big masks and Oxygen cylinders instead of the backpack.




3 thoughts on “Oxygen Lelo.., Co2 Lelo…

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  1. Haha, don’t worry, the oxygen lelo, wala title is very catchy! 😜
    And I’m glad that you started expressing yourself. This was a really informative post. This problem requires immediate attention. Sahi bole aap, ye Oxygen lelo, Co2 lelo wala din bhi koi duur nai hai. 😐
    Still, keep writing, you’re going good. ☺☺☺

    Liked by 1 person

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