As I cross my veranda
an aura took control of me
distracting me from everything I did
I sway to it

Inhaling the energizing air
Fascinatingly I look down
roads coated with darkness
I look up

Struggling through the buildings around
I quest against architecture
An opening to view the sky
I look to my far right

To the open road
Grayish layer is seen around 
Like someone  Photoshopped 
the yellow layer I generally saw 

Again I fall for the perfume
drugged by its power
I fly tearing the clouds
Unfurling the mighty wings

Emitting slowly the wonderful scent
I see particles flying around
Some gushing to my cheeks
leaving coolness behind

Thrilled and excited
Its the first rain
Its drizzling out here
I cried loud, in my mind

I close my eyes again
to crusade a scent
which I enjoyed the most
the Petrichor.

Sadly I can’t find it here
Though its full of life
Its a different aroma
the chemistry produces here

I stand there quite
Rejoicing the peace around
I Thank you, O lord!
for the moment you blessed me with

I ask you of nothing much
And nothing less
Please let it be like this
forever, I prayed.

Soon the moment changed
Rain lashing down
From cats & dogs to
lions & tigers…

O lord! Didn’t I ask you
of no addition
nor subtraction
but just for, that very moment.

Washing my face
against the rain, I realize
I am the creation
and not The Creator.

I am leaning out of veranda
my shirt drenched
fearing  Mums scold
I go back to room.


I did it again, Blogging, without thinking twice . Hoping that my poem would sound good, if not please give suggestions on where it went wrong and how to improve. I really want to develop my writing skills, especially in poems. 🙂



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