We always look for this word in almost everything, especially when we go for shopping. We pick those items which has this extra label to them (10% extra, 60% extra). And today is one such day, an extra day (Leap Day).

Last week I went through one of our bloggers post and she asked us everyone to make the most of this Extra day! To try doing something which you are procrastinating for long or by proposing someone and many more things which she had in her post. And now I share with you the three things which was an extra to the extra day.

Invited to a program

A scholarship distribution program for students up to 10th standard by the NGO, Amanat Foundation. This foundation does many such activities for those who come from back ward community, who have very little and are poor. From helping with buying books to sharing marriage expenses and many more things. They also run an Interest free banking system by which they help poor people with small loans with zero interests. Can you Imagine a system today which actually gives loan with 0% interest. I never knew of a system like this, glad I was exposed to it today.

Today’s event had some 100 people in the auditorium and I was actually invited to it, and you know what they actually had to delay the program because I was half hour late. Not because I was the chief guest and all, but because I was the one who would commence the program by reciting few verses from the Holy Quran.
I took the stage recited few verses from Chapter 61(Surah Saffu) and read out its translation, that went quite good 😉


Hatred in this extra day… 😦

Though its a regular thing and believe me I am sad that I actually had to pen down this.
When the whole world is struggling out to make most of this extra day like Caprio being overjoyed for finally having the #Oscar.

And some are so desperate to spread hatred and win elections like this one, Muslims warned of ‘final battle’. I even regretted later for having read this news today.


WOW day!

After that nuisance, I immediately got to know that my last post Qiyamah, which I wrote for WOW(Write over the weekend prompt by blogadda ) got selected.
It may not seem great, but it truly gave me a push, a confidence to go forward and write more and improve. Thank you team Blogadda for this lovely gift, that too on this Extra day!
This is the badge which I can flaunt now on my post there, Happy me 😀


Its true I made it into last week’s creative writing prompt ‘My Doomsday Moment’.



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