Leo’s Day

Yeah you heard it right, I feel yesterday instead of calling it leap day we should name it as Leo’s day, i.e Leonardo DiCaprio’s Day ! 🙂

He is really an inspiration to the world, for getting better and better each and every time he failed. He is not just reel Hero but a real Hero for inspiring all time looser like me and not only that but most importantly the message he gave to the whole world. I am very proud of you dear Leo!
Being nominated for 6 times in 22 years, he finally wins the title ‘Best Actor’ for the movie, The Revenant. (Below is the speech he gave at the Oscars, if you haven’t watched yet.)



I am so glad that after all this years of wait, he made it this time. I am not so big fan of him actually, but just kept hearing this every time that Leo didn’t make it this time even. Even in the Last Academy Awards show my whole Facebook timeline was filled with prayers and posts saying that Leo’s gonna make it, but sadly he didn’t. And this time from the start of this month itself I heard people posting and praying for Leo. This time even I wanted him to win, I felt very sad for him that after being nominated for so long, he wasn’t getting it. And gladly he made it this time.

Since I said you I am not so big fan of Leo, so why this post ? Just because he won my heart when I actually came to know of what he spoke in his Winning speech. After thanking all, he stood for climate change, a cause which really needs the attention of the whole world. And what better place could anyone find other than the Academy Awards Show. A place which was being watched live if not by the whole world but surely half of it. And his message did touch hearts of many and I am sure this will bring change amongst the people and we all will work together to make Earth, a better place to live.


“Climate change is real, its happening right now” ~ Leonardo Dicaprio



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