Trade that’s killing the World

Some 12 years back I had this lovely experience of trekking at the Annaimalai hills, a range of mountains in the western ghats which falls both in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It was some 12 to 15 members team and we had this wonderful adventurous trip inside the Jungle, I felt like entering Jurassic park then, touring completely a different world 🙂

While trekking to the top of one of the hills, our guide stopped us and gave all of us a sudden shock. The way he reacted seeing waste of an elephant, he pierced it with his stick and after examining he said they just passed by. Me and my friends were like who ????
One group of elephants just passed this hill, so we should hurry it seems. With all that fear in us we hurried and reached on top of a hill and while looking to other hills I heard someone saying look ‘elephants’. I looked and all I was able to see some Brownish red rock like figures passing by, like a chain they moved and with the help of binoculars it was only visible properly. Even today I remember camping and trekking we did in those jungles, it was filled with so much fun and excitement that I loved every bit of it.

This is a random pic from google just to show you how they moved there on the hills then.


I have had this blessing of touring around the Nilgiri hills and almost all hidden places the wild has in him in parts of western ghats. Those are so beautiful doing safari, seeing lions and tigers walking near you, deer making you to decelerate your speed, peacocks, kayaking, rock climbing and the mesmerizing beauty the wild has. Whenever I look back I always make this plan of arranging similar trips and tasting the beauty once again. sadly everyone is busy with their own works and responsibilities. I pray that I get so many chances to visit places like this and would even love to take my children and grandchildren to the same. But will the beauty of wild remain as it is in future, is a question that’s hounding me. Are those wonderful places getting extinct and can be seen only on the frames that we have.

Wild life is getting endangered day by day and is deteriorating through such pace that very few generations in future could enjoy . Isn’t it their rights to have all the enjoyments we had, to see everything we saw, to live those wonderful moments that we lived. Why are we turning so selfish that too to our grandchildren’s grandchildren, aren’t they one of us.
We all are busy with our lives and our families but its our responsibility to check our surrounding and we also have a duty towards land and each and every other resources that God has gifted us. That we use it wisely and leave for others too…

My Sexy Specs have caught you, O dear humans! It has seen the tactics you play;
Killing animals by naming them wild, and forgetting why we named them ‘wild’. Similarly you kill humans saying ‘terrorist’ and forgetting why you named them terrorists. Its high time we start respecting each and every species that we are gifted around with, can’t you hear and see the coming of the Qiyamah.

Today March 3rd is celebrated as World Wildlife Day across the earth. Some people who are sick of this human greed have come together and started a campaign to stop declining of the biodiversity the world has. Wild underwater is getting killed everyday, few months earlier only we came to hear news of some 20 whales who ran away to India from their respective sea, because of the endless pollution the world is doing into the oceans. Starting from Shells  and companies like it who contribute by oil spill to plastics and toxic wastes being dumped daily into the waters.

Pic from


And the wild life in land is being killed because of the trade that is happening in front of us, still we don’t bother. It’s we human who buy idols made of Elephants Tusk, its we who love to flaunt Tiger’s skin as the carpet under our feet. Its we who love to decorate our walls with Innocent heads. Why such kind of love and passion do people have, to decorate their home at the cost of some innocents blood. These trades happen almost at every place in India, see the picture below by Wildlife Protection Society of India.




Animals, according to many traditions, were once protected from a global flood by entering the shelter of an ark. Today, many of those same animal species face a new catastrophic flood, but this time the deadly downpour is caused by humans. Animals around the world confront a rain of bullets, poisonings, traps, and snares. Check the whole story of trade happening across the world at the .


pic from


We all must play a vital role in stopping this trade by not buying such things and also hurting them who does it, by not being wild to them, but making them feel ashamed 😉

“There is reward for kindness to every living thing”
~ Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W)


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