Thought For the Day

This is part of the Quote challenge. Its a 3 day challenge and you got to post one or three quotes for three consecutive days. And I am getting this for the first time and the credit goes to the wonderful fellow blogger Chandni Asnani , a very great fun loving blogger 😉

And here goes the Quote for (Day 1)


Since this is a day to create awareness on animal rights and protecting the Wild life, I thought of giving something related.If you still don’t know what it is then check my latest post Trade that’s killing the World .

One among the many motivational quotes that our beloved Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) has said to all of us. “There is reward for kindness to every living thing” this was to make sure we show kindness to every creations on the earth be it an Elephant or an Ant.
Hope this motivates you a little bit towards your behavior to animals and creatures around.

Have a good night, Love and peace to all of you 🙂 🙂




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