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Hello dear citizen of Blogosphere, I am again here today with my last quote for the 3 Day Quote Challenge. Just check my other two thoughts, one on Scientific Development and the other one related to Wild Life Day.

Since we all are aware of the upcoming Women’s Day on March 8th, so I wanted to post something related to that. The society generally evaluates girls and women by the cloth they wear, how much it is covered and how much uncovered. First of all let me make it clear that a cloth can never be a measure to evaluate someones character.


And there is also a misconception in our society about them who covers, let me tell you its the thinking that women are silly and cannot take decisions by themselves is true oppression, that’s where women are oppressed and it happens in every Indian family whether its Hindu , Muslim or Christian. Our Indian patriarchal society has this concept whether she is wearing skirt, sari or a burqa, they have very little sense and they can’t decide on their own.

I just don’t know why people think that they are superior to the person standing beside him and God instead of giving females good senses he gave males the right to decide for them. Why can’t one think that, God has created everyone equal and we are just his creations. Sad thing is even educated people don’t respect their wife and women around them, they still think they are lower to males. I just want to ask them how do you count yourself into literates, in the upcoming census do tick yourself as an illiterate.



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  1. Hey! I’m soo happy that I got to read something like this. You wrote it really well, I could sense the power of your emotions. ☺
    Yes, you are correct, women’s condition isn’t a very good one even today. But, we are no less than anybody. Salute to women power! πŸ˜‡
    And thankyou for those really inspirational quotes, I’m glad you participated and shared your heartfelt thoughts, thankyou again! I enjoyed reading all of your quotes. ☺☺☺☺✌

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