O Womania… Aha Womania…

Women, Indeed the most beautiful creations of Allah. From Mother to sister to wife to daughter, they give happiness in every stages of life. They are flowers which spreads fragrance everywhere they go. They are so magical that can light up your boring, gloomy life. Such beautiful and powerful they are, sadly we see them being sold each and every day, we see people regretting if an angel is born to them, and we see girls killing themselves and their wishes everyday.

When I look back to my school, college and my surroundings, I don’t find any instance where I found females around me a little less worthy that they shouldn’t be treated equal to men, rather I always found them opposite. Throughout my school, college and at present I have always had girls as opponent, my competition was with girls alone. In my school days if you keep sports aside then in everything it was girls who were my competition, be it a fight for becoming Class Leader to cultural competition to studies. Everywhere I remember I had girls as my competition. Schools changed, classes changed but competition used to be with the same, girls. Be it Elocution, debate and any other competition, it was a girl who competed me. Even in college I must say the girl sitting in front of me in exams was the topper and competition to everyone.

Leave the past come to the future, in this blogosphere I find 70% as female and not male. And to be frank I again have girls as competition here. I don’t know why I had this problem of targeting girls and seeing them as competition. May be I am more attracted to them or I am being truthful to the world and saying my competition is not a Male but Female. And there are very few memories where I have actually defeated them and more of getting defeated by them. I love Art, Music and every cultural programs and proudly I say it was girls who often stood above me and defeated me.

My mother, she loves me so much that I don’t think I could ever pay back her in my entire life. My sister, she is the one who knows me better than I know myself, she is the one who has supported me alot and when I look back to my duties towards her I fall short. My teachers, only one or two males have earned respect and rest every other one is a female.
Each and every female whom I have met and known have done a lot for me and If you start comparing I don’t think I have even done 5% in return for them.

In my journey from childhood to a fully grown adult, I have never had any experiences where I can prove that yes females are inferior to men rather every female has taught me that they stand above Men in every thing. Be it loving, caring, teaching, protecting, supporting, playing music, painting, drawing, talking, writing, orating, speaking, debating , acting and now working and running business. Everywhere I have found females doing great than me, so how can I be a hypocrite and accept, what the society is trying to impose on me that males are superior to females.

At times I feel like the way these greedy politicians are trying to stop the poor every time the raise voice against them by sedition and tagging them as terrorists, the same way they have manufactured and brainwashed the society in large that “Females are meant to be lower and inferior to Males”, so that females don’t ever get opportunity to stand along with males because if they do, soon the world would be conquered by females and no Males would be seen on top positions. Just be truthful to yourself and ask once if the girl who was way better than you in your class, got all the opportunities you had, don’t you think she would be 2, 3 steps ahead of you of where you are standing today.

I have always felt bad when I saw women selling themselves on the streets, well for this credits goes solely and wholly to us, Males. Its we who haven’t left any other option for them but for them to sell themselves. Not just on the streets, today these are happening openly wide on media channels, were women are seen only as an item girl or a marketing product. As if women have been created for ‘sex’ alone and nothing else. To all the ladies I would say is, now the time has come when you stand against this and stop these kinda propaganda which will again turn the whole purpose from being “Equally treated to just as Sex objects”.

Someone commented on my last post that being a feminist I am glad to find men who actually support this. Well to be frank these feminist and feminism are just words, I have heard about this from many friends who proudly call themselves by this name. But to me its just being truthful to yourself and the world. If you start questioning, reasoning , understanding and then implementing the right. Then you are on the right path no matter who comes and say that no you have gone astray.

Well this is all I have to say that my experiences with every girl and every women has been wonderful and I want to thank everyone out here for making the world so beautiful and colorful. I am proud to have females around me and I would also be proud in having a beautiful wife and a daughter in near future.

To all men reading this its time we start teaching every men around us the real meaning of the word men, so that others stop tainting the word ‘Men’ by which you and me are known.

Thank you dear Females once again, proud to have you all in my Life πŸ™‚


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