Qandeel Baloch

Who’s Qandeel Baloch ?
Even I didn’t know her until she uploaded this video on social media, sending love to our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.


Wikipedia defines her this way:

Fauzia Azeem, also known as Qandeel Baloch, was a Pakistani model,actress and social media celebrity. She was known for her videos discussing her daily routine and various controversial issues.

And to enlighten you more about her, she is no more with us and has left for her journey towards Jannah,
“May Allah, forgive her. Make her among the guided ones, raise her status and be her deputy among the grieving. O Lord of the two worlds, forgive us and her and make her grave wide and full of light”

Its shocking to hear a news like this, she was killed by her own brother!!!!

I don’t know when will this mentality stop, and guys understand that you don’t have the rights to tell your sister what to do and what not. And according to Islam, you don’t even have the right to your own self, only one has the right to question, judge and decide what you should do and what not, that’s your creator, the Almighty, Allah.
Why these people turn guarantors of Islam, when they not even know what Islam teaches, and people like you are disgrace to the world and Islam, the reason why Islam’s getting misunderstood these days.

She might have wronged a 1000 times, but dude who gave you the right to kill her. And now the wrath is upon you, and I pray, “That you get pained 1000 times the way your sister did, in both worlds”.

And to make the matter more disappointing and disgusting , Few Pakis are feeling good and honored that she got killed.

tweets Qandeel Baloch
All I have to say to these people are, you guys are real disgrace to human race, your country and religion. And you are even more sinful to support such cowardice act by a brother, who should have protected her, if not supporting her.

If you have read the Story of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) how he was protected by his uncle, Abu Talib even though he preached something which was totally against his religion and his practices then. Till his last breath nor did he accept Islam nor did any harm came to our beloved Prophet.
This is what Islam teaches all of us, to be protectors, to spread love and brotherhood.

Stories like these are no surprising to us Indians, we often read news like these.
I feel parents are more responsible for acts like these,keeping daughters deep hidden inside the kitchen and letting sons turn moron and nut heads. Teaching them that brothers are your protectors and you must respect and obey him, no matter if he abuses and ogles every girl outside.

Its time that we learn things from our mistakes and bring a change by upbringing our children the best way and teaching them that everyone is equal no matter a boy or a girl.

That’s All praying for Qandeel, May her soul rest in peace!  Aameen.

Peace & Love to All.



11 thoughts on “Qandeel Baloch

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  1. I agree to your words that it’s not right to accuse her even when she’s dead. I don’t even know who was she before this blog. But one thing which I don’t want you to say that “That you get pained 1000 times the way your sister did, in both worlds”. bcz after this there’s no difference between you and those people who think stuff like this. Pray for him also so that it won’t affect your deeds. otherwiseI loved the way you supported the girl no matter what she has done. Thanks a lot for posting this one. RIP Qandeel Baloch..

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    1. Thank you for going through my post…
      And yaar seriously telling I don’t want to be hypocrite by writing good about that murderer when why my hearts got only curses for him.

      I’m not like our Prophet Muhammed (SAW) to show mercy on enemies and not even a Gandhi.

      I only admire them and actually want to be like them, but its difficult for me. When I see rapists and murderers like these, I only have curses for them..
      I always pray to Allah, that they get Hell and nothing else!!!!

      So thats something I am, but I liked your thinking, do you have this interest towards Human Rights ???
      Who files mercy petition for Rapists, terrorists and so on…

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      1. No i think you are right i also think the same but never expressed hate. Everyone know what they are doing and Allah is also aware. We just don’t have to dirt our hands. They know what they are doing and we know what we are seeing. Won’t say anything else because i know you are correct and i don’t know how to prove my point so. Yeah.

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  2. Thanks for writing this post and yes those fellow Pakistanis and MUSLIMS that celebrated her killing are indeed bringing shame to my country. Its hard to reason with mentalities like this,where societal mindset on women lives and bodies is so appalling, Islam has certainly taught us to NOT JUDGE OTHERS, BUT OUR ACTIONS FIRST.

    The drug addict brother (was living on his sister’s money) inspired by the sick cleric who tried on with Qandeel Baloch are the images of ghairmant mard that know how to uphold the khandaan ki ijaat by getting rid of a woman’s lives. More sick is the reality that such shareef and baghairat mard are being feted for their criminal actions in name of tradition and ISLAM.
    Izaat bari ke jan, in all the cases in Muslim communities, izaat.

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      1. Exactly, my point. You should write more on women and gender issues within our society as the rights cause needs sane minds and humanitarian approach!

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      2. I’m not so good at writing, I mostly write things affecting me…
        But I also want to be a good writer someday and that’s one of the reason why I’m here…

        In Sha Allah together we’ll bring change!

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      3. Continue with your wonderful work and am sure you will reach the goals that you aim for. I find your writings very refreshing indeed, M.A!

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      4. Thank you for the wishes
        But you know what you are way better than me and getting a feedback like this from you means a lot to me.

        Thank you for the good work you do, You’re fab!

        BTW what’s MA ?
        And why on the Earth do girls have all these abbreviations. You won’t believe I got introduced to almost every abbreviations by gals alone.


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