Change should be fetched.

Remembering my coach say that “ball will never come to you, you have to go near it”. I today state that “Change won’t come on its own, you got to bring it”

Promised myself to post every day, was figuring out what to post and this happened. A mail from regarding the ongoing petition for the negligence over the building of a Memorial  at Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s burial site at Rameswaram.

At times it really hurts seeing the poor condition of our Countries system, and that’s when we get frustrated and say “kuch nhi ho sakta India ka”. Reading out this petition you will know how ashamed every Indian must be, on one side India is sending satellites and exploring Mars and on other end did we forget to honor the person behind all these possibilities, the Misile Man ? A question which every Indian must ask himself.

Another fact which I wanted to bring to your notice is that, when politicians die it doesn’t take time to build memorials for them. So are we having categorization where politicians stand above all other big personalities who have contributed in fields like Science, Art, Literature and Sports ?

But we must not forget that our ‘Missile Man’ was our President also. He was man with such noble attitude that never fell into any controversies and was even praised by oppositions then.

Generally I oppose to these ideas of building Memorials, but when I see that almost every one has been honored by Memorials, why not him then.

If I go on writing on APJ Abdul Kalam, then it will be big as another post, and I don’t want this to happen and deviate your attention from this problem.

This 27th July, 2016 India will celebrate his 1st death Anniversary, but how ?
You haven’t even build a Memorial that you promised an year ago, the project went from one department to another, starting from Urban Development Ministry to DRDO and then to Military Engineering Services.
Why is it so much complicated to build a simple Memorial???

APJ Abdul Kalam
Present state of APJ Abdul Kalam’s Burial Site


Earlier also people who care and love APJ Abdul Kalam came out with petition demanding this negligence and all they did in seven months time since the petition can be seen above, a tin shed and a fencing. 7 months ago this memorial had no fences just a Tin shed and animals would roam and poop around it.

Just understand how this issue is being neglected, though this has been raised several times earlier through media even. Its time that we Indian youth come and raise this once again very fast, that his memorial gets build by his 1st death Anniversary.

I am feeling so low that I actually want to go there and build it by my own, but that’s not possible some how now, nor do I have such funds with me and I don’t think I’ll be actually permitted to do it.

So all I could do is promote this petition and force the concerned institution to build it as early as possible. And I feel this is right when you actually participate and make a change to happen, because it’s human nature to let loose everything but I never thought this like these will also be neglected. Thanks to Dr  M Anantha Krishnan and his petition at, that I got to know of this else I would have also been an ignorant like every other Indian who doesn’t know about this issue.


So far this is the update, a Minister of Parliament has promised to take up the matter in parliament.

My request to all fellow bloggers is if we can do anything to make this happen that can be real achievement for all of us, we will turn to Change Makers instead of Change Complainers  🙂

Time to Act by signing this petition and sharing it maximum, making sure every one signs it and make it such loud that we pay a tribute to this great Legend ‘Misile Man’ by building his Memorial on time that’s by 26th July, 2016.

I tried embedding the petition, but couldn’t do it. So just the link below go through it and make the most to happen.

That’s all. Love & Peace to all of you. Take Care!


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