The scar I’m so happy about…

Since Eid, I am all alone in this small rented apartment of ours. Roommates all gone to celebrate Eid haven’t yet returned. And that’s how I got the opportunity to cook, learn and master this art.
It’s not that I didn’t cook earlier, even I participated but roommates never left me alone since they knew I’m just a newbie, I was always remained the helper which i didn’t like. But I also didn’t want to eat burned food, the only one meal we cooked and ate together was dinner.

And so this time when no one is here, I invested a lot of time into cooking, and I’m proud to say that I have mastered in making 3 different dishes. And I’m so happy about it 🙂

I never knew that I’ll be able to cook so good, I lacked that confidence but now I’ve over come this fear of cooking bad food, and you won’t believe the food tasted the same as my Moms. And that’s when I earned this confidence.

And I even got the official certification, the Masters degree when I accidentally burned my hand by slightly touching the hot vessel and being honored by a small scar on my right fist. And I’m so much happy and loving this scar, that I didn’t even care about the pain, its not yet dried and still pains, but I’m loving it!

And I am planning to surprise my friends when they come by cooking a wonderful food. That’s all about this lovely scar of mine. Peace & Love to all.



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