Social media, a silent poison…

I always had debates over this with my Mom. She used to say that there’s one thing you are addicted to and that’s your phone. And I disagreed everytime, saying there’s nothing which can control me. But today I realize and accept the fact that yes I am addicted to social network. This is the one thing that’s completely taken me and is controlling me.


I remember my school days, when I had so much time to invest on creativity, art, games, music and do so many stuffs. I don’t know why do we have hobbies column in resume, when you know the fact that the documents you are submitting are actually going to take away all your hobbies.

All I am left with some 2 hours time from 24 hours, and I feel so bad that even this time is taken away by this idiot called Social media!
One upon a time in my school days I read about a poet who utilized “empty spaces” to write. And when asked what’s empty spaces?  the time you take while going up in lift, that was empty space to him.
And you know what, this so called ’empty spaces’ of mine is also taken by social media.

Nowadays we get to hear new ailments which in some way are related to social media. It’s cool stuff but is also slowly eating up our valuable time and distancing us from every other good things like nature, life and the real world. We spend maximum time virtually compared to real ones, and now after games like PokemonGo and VR headsets we will be like spending from 50% to 75% time virtually.
And recent studies prove that we are going to get affected mentally more compared to physical ones .

Why I wrote this post?
Just because I couldn’t figure out time to write something good, and when I calculated I was disheartened by the result, so much time I waste on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WordPress. And now I am trying to figure out someways to lessen the time I spend on social media and instead use it somewhere constructive.

I’m addicted and now I can’t boast ‘Nothing controls me’ to people. 😦
That’s all for today, are you addicted like me ??


Love & Peace to all. Take care!



5 thoughts on “Social media, a silent poison…

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  1. Hey! Nice reading your post after a long time. This was an eye-opener. Since last few days, I’ve been trying to control and devote my time into productive things and not social networks. Thanks for reminding me this. I enjoyed reading this post. And welcome back. ☺☺

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  2. You’re right. Yesterday we had a late stroll in a popular shopping center and I tell you…everybody who was walking sitting, eating, talking was on a pokemon craze >_< or on social media. I complained to the hubby and he said, "You're on the phone too". Then I replied, "There is a phone polution and I'm not even on my phone right now." I use my phone a lot too but our age is seriously in trouble…

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