The Holy Cow!

2 months ago,

I stayed at Kurla and used to cross Kurla station every morning from West to East using the cross over bridge to catch bus. Just beside the stairs there’s a Mandir and just next to it and elderly woman can be seen with two cow, one presumably the Mother and the other one her child, she made money by selling grass for the cows she has installed next to the Temple. People worshiped inside the temple and then bought some sort of laddoos, grass from the woman and fed the same to the cows tied by her. I didn’t had any problem with the woman making money by such means, but I had problems after I saw the Mother cow.

She was crying!! Tears flowed down her face and made such imprints like she’s been crying regularly for some weeks now. Like the volcanoes when they get cooled down over Mountains leaving imprints permanently, same way her face had these impressions of the tears that flowed down her face. I don’t think I am able to make you understand the way it looked, and I don’t even have a pic to show the same.

Okay the pic you see below is just 10% of what I saw on her face. Hope this gives you a glimpse of what I am trying to make out and how painful it looked.
holy cow-mysxyspecs

And I just didn’t understand why people didn’t see what I am saw, or was it just visible to me ? I asked myself standing there.
What about them who were feeding the cow, why were they smilingly feeding her, when tears flowed down her eyes. I got shocked by this the first day when I saw, but when I saw it again the next day and the next day and the next day I stopped there for a moment, checked around the cow is she injured ? No, I continued my daily routine of catching bus. Next day again the same visual and this time I wanted to do something for this cow, informing the Animal rights people or at least a veterinary doctor. But sadly I couldn’t do any of these.

I then wanted to tell this to my friends and even blog about it, but sadly didn’t had time to blog and didn’t even preach the same to my friends because of some past experiences.
Earlier I made a post on the deforestation happening due to the construction of so many Pandals for Durga Puja, and why not having permanent solutions and instead of using bamboos and woods, finding some replacements for  the creation of so many beautiful pandals across West Bengal for the 10 days Durga Puja Festival.
But then my post had such an uproar from my friends saying, “now you want bans on Puja ?”, “Don’t you like seeing chicks on every Pandal you hop to, you want to shut that also” and it went on…

Today while going across this post of Kanan Modi this Holy Cow’s painful moments came in front of me and I was actually commenting on her post when the comment went on from being to a posts length, that’s when I thought of finally posting this.

Days have passed, and I still have that gut feeling that I couldn’t be of any use to this Holy cow when she actually needed me, and what will I answer Him, The Almighty if he asks the same to me. I still haven’t found the answers of the tears that fell from her eyes, she wasn’t injured, wasn’t even being mistreated or beaten up but instead people were feeding her which should have made her happier but then all I saw was tears flowing.

As you go through Kanan’s post you can find out how badly cows are treated here in India. Associations like GauRakshaks (Cow Protectors) are asking for Beef ban throughout the country, but they don’t care about these things and that’s how I concluded in my earlier post that Cow killing was never the problem in India.

Being an Indian Goddesses is of no value, even animals aren’t spared need not even go near to humans, you know how Devi’s, females are treated.


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  1. Probably people don’t look at the pain she carries but only their faith has blind sport of religion. They don’t the love cow just because they follow religion to worship her but not to take care of her.

    Good post.

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  2. I am so saddened by this post I cannot express in words. I just hope that the next time you are faced with a similar situation, you have the means to help. Being an active animal rescuer, I know that my personal professional life doesn’t stop just because I am in the middle of a rescue – I just see it through no matter what. Please join me in my endeavor and you will enter a world you never knew 🙂

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