What to write ?

A question which always comes in front of me whenever I open WordPress. It’s not that I have nothing to write, I have lots and lots to write a lengthy list with topics ranging from professional to personal, things affecting me, the world, those sad moments, and happier ones, the unforgettable ones, the lovable ones, the crazier ones and much more… yet no topics to share.

Procrastination, busy schedule, Β are two main reasons but most important reason of all is Unemployment. Yes you heard it right, I’m one among the crores who suffered this for quite long. I know you would say its normal as this happens with every graduates and gets over as soon as they get job. But dear it’s normal if the period is small like for some months, but what if the same exceeds to 6 months and then a year and then again a year, that’s a total of 2 years. I actually thanked God that he had this upon me and not to any of my friends, because I know my friends how patient they are, how easily they get frustrated and depressed and I never want to loose them. With news of people doing suicides, I felt very sad for them understanding what he or she would have gone through and why he had to take such steps, Thank God these stupid ideas were miles away from me.

The 2 years were really frustrating, a phase with so much depressions, pain, sacrifices and so many things. Things,how they are perceived and assumed in general, I had the opportunity to read them more evidently. Sometimes I felt like I’m the “Chosen” one for this work, and God literally wanted to show me this in order to change things and turn it right.

I Thank God for giving in me the patience to continuously believe in myself regardless of in numerous failures and blocks that came in front of me, at times I fell, got shattered, but this attitude which God bestowed helped me sustain every time, the advice which I keep saying myself a hundred times and to others as well.

“Whatever happens, happens for good alone! As its directed from Allah, so chill ! “

With so much things to tell you all, I have decided to post them so that it can help juniors and students who aspire to become engineer to get a closer view of the reality and hardships which people face and can come across their life too in future. And also to support and calm the many who have just stepped into and to them who have turned just months and years old of joblessness, which died of me only few months back.

So I’m all excited to start this, hoping that my posts be of some help to all of you. If not related to your profession and life it will give you a glimpse of whats happening outside in real world, engineering life and Β I don’t know if I’ll be really able to post regularly because I have left the stage of being unemployed to being employed few months back and currently working for a firm at an Entry Level position, hoping to enlighten you all by my posts.

Love & Peace to all, Take Care!


6 thoughts on “What to write ?

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  1. Hey buddy! πŸ™‹
    Again, glad to read from you. Wow, you are a tough guy, nobody has that amount of ‘Patience’.

    It’s really inspiring to know that even after comolete two years of struggle, you still were so positive and believed in yourself. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    I would really like to read your experiences, please keep posting regularly. Cheers to your attitude. And congratulations for the job! ☺☺

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  2. Hey that was really relatable to me because m too suffering frm this kind of situation. It’s about admission i haven’t got any yet. It’s heartbreaking bcz it will be the 2nd year of passing time in home and giving tuitions to kids and learning my own stuff for entrances. I am fed up really badly. Your post gave some hope to me otherwise i was almost lost in this race of life u know.
    I hope you post some good stuff soon which will help us. 😊☺
    Great post dude keep it up! 😍❀

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