No more studying at Streetlights…

Its no news to us if I say “I just been to a village where they don’t have Power at all and they continue to stay in dark”, that too when companies like Jio is trying hard to woo everyone with their Mass 4G campaign and when we see everyday advancement in technologies, like the newly released Snaptacles, which can capture all wonderful moments you experience in your day to day life.

But if I say that sooner we will have each and every part of India electrified, will surprise you and yes those days are not very far when you will actually see this happening.
With India going Solar with such great pace, I am sure in coming years we will see every village producing their own Power by setting up their own Solar Power plant.
Like village Dharnai,who went totally solar powered last December with help of Green Peace is now having 24×7 electricity.



With India’s goal to generate 175 Gigawatts by 2022 of Clean Energy, which is further classified to 100 Gigawatts by Solar Energy, 60 GW by Wind Energy, 10 GW by Biomass Energy and 5 GW from Hydro Power Plants. With huge focus on start-ups and the ‘Make In India’ campaigns, India has moved forward with a pace that was never witnessed earlier, especially in the renewable energy sector.

To all the reasons, most important one is that people have actually understood the importance of promoting renewable and clean energy and are doing their part in lowering carbon footprints and fighting Climate Change. Almost every one talks today of setting up a Solar rooftop and producing energy on their own. And with most part of India having almost 300 sunny days a year, has huge capacity of producing energy compared to other countries.

Solar Energy is the need of the hour, we all need to play important roles to achieve the targets which India has envisaged by 2022. We people can easily make this achievable by

1.Setting up solar rooftops at our homes, and having no power cuts at all.

2. Asking Colleges and Schools to have Solar Rooftops, where you be part of the                            installation and learn the beautiful way to generate power on your own.

3. Ask the society you live in to setup Solar rooftops and Solar street lights, and in return          get huge rate cuts at your maintenance bills.

And to add another feather on our cap, our Prime Minister yesterday announced to officially agree with the Paris Act, COP21 on Gandhijayanti that’s October 2nd next week.
This news has put so much smile on my face, and made me happy that I am feeling so much proud as an Indian today. We are finally taking efforts to preserve nature and fight Climate change.

It seems I have blabbered a lot this time, well It’s been just few months since I entered this beautiful field called Solar Energy Field and I am actually loving everything about it.

That’s all for the day, Love & Peace to all 🙂




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    1. Hey thanks for so much encouragement…
      Well you actually don’t know, these acts of yours makes you special..
      Unknowingly you do lot of favours….

      And the past you are talking about is not just one post, its a series of things that happened to me when in search of job.

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