The all new Terrorist

To the ones reading this topic for the first time please have a look at my previous post, you’ll get a glimpse of what I’m talking about.

Like I promised earlier that I’ll be introducing you to a terrorist, whom we have known for long but not yet categorized them amongst the so called list, Terrorist. They still freely roam around and continue to kill countless innocents, and yet we are to decide how to get rid and finish them from their hidden settlements.

Before Introducing the Terrorist to you, let me share a small incident which I felt is important seeing the current buzz around all of us Indians and Pakistanis.

My mom phoned me yesterday and the conversation started like it does always, the only thing that surprised me was when she asked, “Yeh jo chal raha hai India aur Pakistan ke beech me, usse waha koi problem toh nhi hoga ” and promptly I mocked it off saying (thanks to my reflexes) , “Yeh sabh aam baat hai, chalta rehta hai dono ke beech” and then changing the topic.

I played this statement in my head quite a few times to understand better and write about the same,  the fear she expressed in her statement showed me all possible visions that was messing her all peaceful mind. She is one amongst the many emotional Mother India types we Indians feel proud of. She definitely got to know this by reading newspapers, but I am thankful that she didn’t get hold of any Mumbai edition news paper else the sense of terror I measured in her statement could have been much more greater.

The love and war story has just started but the terror took no time engulfing the whole nation.  People staying at Mumbai are suffering from two types of terror one from the cross border tensions, which the whole nation is also affected from and the other one from the Terrorist which I want to introduce to you.

mosquito-terroristAedes aegypti, Machchar and Mosquito are the names by which he is known to public.

The one in the picture above is the Terrorist, which can actually kill you without you even knowing when did it inject the harmful viruses in your body. I don’t know of other cities but Mumbai-ans are actually living with the terror of getting infected by the disease Dengue. Leave common men, celebrities are even getting infected by dengue these days, can you understand how easily these terrorists breach all high securities and gets successful by infecting you and even killing you like it did to the greatest director Bollywood has ever had, Yash Chopra.

Cases of dengue are being reported daily, with NGOs running campaign and Civic bodies doing pesticides yet we are not able to destroy their hidden settlements. They are continuously growing in numbers and infecting more people, yet the Government, Police and Army haven’t found their Mastermind or any weapon to attack and finish them off.  All we see is the leaders chanting slogans and asking us to be careful and take precautions. Sadly the Innocent people continue to suffer, daily people are being admitted into hospitals and the number is growing day by day.
Still we don’t have any cure for this disease as well as for Zika, nor we have any vaccinations.

Hoping that you have got the seriousness of the issue and how easily we neglect them, which actually can never be negligible when compared to the Terrorist version the society has. The Terrorism caused by the (Mosquito) terrorist is never lime lighted the way other terrorists are hyped, and I guess that’s the possible reason of their anger and exponential growth both in population and power.

Few days back while reading news I came across this statement by Stephen Hawkings where he warns Humans of having no future if they don’t go to space and also stating         “ I believe that life on Earth is at an ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster,” by giving the examples of a sudden nuclear war or a genetically engineered virus.

I guess it’s time for us to stop the usual thing and start questioning every issue the media shows and everything the politicians preach. Because everything some other way roots to making money and gaining power.

I guess I made it longer this time, just continued with the flow. So do you agree with my version of Terrorism and Terrorist, is the Mosquito above still a mosquito for you and not something which terrorizes you, by saying that I actually meant, a Terrorist ??
Comment all your opinions below, would love to have quote a discussion on this.

Thank you, Take Care, Love & Peace to You 🙂 🙂



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