The Handicap!

Busy tweeting I walked through the platform,
The announcements and Trumpets all at once…
The trains about to leave, I ran to the first bogie,
Lady, ladies, and ladies alone….,
Matrbhumi!! I said to myself,
Got down and ran to the next vendor bogie

Standing on the footboard,
I enjoyed the powerful breeze hitting me…
Suddenly I hear a lot of noises,
Someone blabbering from inside.
Handicapped was he, seemed someone chopped his hands,
Staring one of the lady vendors, he dropped his belongings down.

“That Officer, bloody fucker…. he caught me, I was searching for my 5000 bucks phone,
And what did he say “you all are alike, All Muslims are mother fuckers!!” the handicapped shouted.
Seeing the lady vendors, he started slanging them…
Smashing his hand on the walls of the train, outraging and
Threatening them, “Should I throw your belongings”
Seeing me and my facial hairs, he came to me
You know what they called us, “Mother fucker!!
I can bear everything, but this one…
He disrespected my religion and I’ll not leave him.”
Again banging on walls and
threatening them to throw away their belongings.

Seeing things turning wrong,
I took some courage and spoke to him
“The station masters they always provoke us,
That we do some shit and they can blame us all…”
Knowing he was listening to me… I shouted
“He abused you and your fellow people,
and now you’re doing the same…”
Remember what our Prophet (s.a.w) said.

Everyone staring at him in the bogie,
Silence spread everywhere…
Now staring at me, he stepped back,
Worriedly I asked myself “ALLAH, did I make a mistake?”
“NO, you didn’t” answered my heart,
And I kept that boldness for a while.

A miracle then took place,
He turned towards the ladies
“sorry, I made a mistake,” said he,
Then looked at me and started clapping
He praised me there “you said well”
And started clapping again.

Then again he went towards the ladies
and asked sorry to the lady whom he abused.
The train entering the station,
My destination has arrived
I smiled at him and got down from the train
The train left with them and I was out of the story.

My story ended there,
But I believe his might have continued
For he was either totally high on something
Or was frustrated and very depressed
for being judged by the people
Over his appearance and religion…

I don’t know how I got the courage to speak up then, but this really took place. And I am glad that I took a bold step and stopped him from doing something wrong.

This was in my drafts since 2015, I don’t know how did this stay so long here in drafts…

Happy Blogging! Love & peace to all 🙂


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