Pakistan beats India!

It is not the first time that India has been defeated by Pakistan, I have seen my uncles and my grandpa rejoice not once but many times. But there’s one thing that I can assure you that I and my dad have rejoiced more than them because of the unbeaten record of Indian cricket team in an India v/s Pakistan cricket match.

Cricket was an interest to me only when Sachin would get out at 98 or 99 and not hit a century else when it was an India-Pakistan match because by the time match starts my family has already been split into two teams.

I know you are asking what is this shit, and at the time of IPL and no news of any recent matches between both teams how can India be defeated by Pakistan. Well probably you are totally right that there has not been any matches in recent past but there is something else which has happened in both countries and according to me Pakistan has defeated India. This one is a totally different match which I am talking about, and though Pakistan has defeated India, this time nor Pakistanis nor my uncles or grandpa is happy about, such a loss it is for the whole of humanity.

2019 commenced with 2 rapes, young 8-year daughters of both the countries were ill-fated, kidnapped, raped and murdered in the same month January. I am really not interested in discussing here the political interest which is a very important part of the rape of India’s daughter. I am here to enlighten you the fact how India has been continuously defeated earlier and presently has been clearly clean bowled by Shahid Afridi’s Pakistan, such that everyone has been awestruck and has badly affected Shehwag, Raina, Gauti, and Shihkar I believe.

Pakistani daughter- Zainab’s unbearable story

India’s daughter – Still awaiting Justice

Both incidents are shameful and cannot be imagined to the pain these angels might have gone through. I am depressed that I stay in a place where such acts happen again and again and there is just no stopping. This is not the first time we all have heard of such insane and heinous acts done by Humans but the question is have we improved in acting against these crimes, and the answer is a big “No”, India has always been behind and will always continue to be behind if something doesn’t change and fasten our Judiciary system.

I am proud that there’s a country just across the border which takes immediate action on such Heinous acts, where the judiciary gives 72-hour deadline as if it cares and is deeply shocked by the incident.

And I feel ashamed being an Indian today that it took us 3 months to rise up against this act, maybe because it’s a usual stuff in our country and we get to hear these in every page of the Newspaper.


Hi Zainab, I am really very sorry that you had to go through such painful and inhuman incidents which I pray no other angel or daughter of any country or on this Earth should ever go through. And I am sure that you have reached a place that’s better than every other place, peaceful and happier than any other place. May your soul rest in peace.

Hi Asifa, I am ashamed to even talk to you fearing that you’re watching me when I write this and I just cannot do anything to bring mere justice to you. I know that you are feeling helpless and totally disgraced being born in a place like this where you had to go through such horrendous incidents and to be born in a nation where it took 3 months for people to get the news in this age of infinitely impossible speed of Mass media, and it would take another 1 year or 2 for the justice to be delivered to you.

And you know what Please never expect us Indians to react like people reacted for Zainab in Pakistan, they created unrest, riots and even 2 of them sacrificed themselves for her in the police firing against the rioting which happened over there.

For in India, we come to streets only when a leader is abused, or when a great emperor is portrayed with a little lesser respect in a movie, or when we need reservations and the huge impossible numbers only come down to streets when its Election time.

So please do not expect anything from us, even me as I will forget you after joining 1 or 2 protest campaigns like I did for Nirbhaya, and by the time you are about to get justice and rest in peace again another daughter will stand above me and ask me similar question that you are asking me now. So SORRY and really very SORRY!!!!


Bandra Meet
Join me and many others if you are in Mumbai.


I really do not know whether getting down on street and protesting will do any good, but at least I know this will help me get sound sleep and rested until other daughter shows up. So disturbed mentally that I want to go back to office and be busy the whole day.


16 thoughts on “Pakistan beats India!

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    1. I’m sorry vivek if I’ve written something wrong.
      My intent was only to make people read and aware them what I’ve written and how I feel about the issue and highlight what’s missing in our system.


  1. Every voice counts. Your voice counts. Please never forget her and the many other girls around the world who are subjected to such heinous crimes. We must do better and we can do better. Many prolific names are speaking up, as they should. As a Hindustan, your voice is also a part of delivering justice for Asifa.

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  2. We keep failing to save our own kinds – The futures of the world! The predators are……. I have no words. It gives me unbearable pain, a heartache. I am extremely sympathetic to her family as of anywhere, a loss is hard to deal with, much worse, if it were an accident, but a murder after a rape is…..
    I am sorry Asifa. I am sorry you went through this. I am sorry because of our society.. I am sorry we failed to save you and many. I am sorry we keep saying it will happen no more but it still occurs. I am sorry we couldnt protect you. I am sorry for everything….
    Follow me on my blog to raise awareness and lets try to do as much as we can do!

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  3. Hi, my apologies that I’ve only had a chance to read this just now. It is our shame, you are absolutely right. Both that it happened in the first place, but even more so because people are protecting the monsters that did this. The problem I feel is that our ideology has become more valuable than the life of a little girl. We have to seriously question ourselves when the fact that someone belongs to a certain community, an innocent child, means they are to be brutalised in this way in the name of teaching this group of people a lesson. It is ethically wrong no matter what your religion or nation.Thank you for writing this, because I think the more we raise our voices against it, the more awareness people will have. Like I say, it’s not an ideological debate – it does not matter who this girl was – she did not deserve this. I am ashamed, and I am wondering how many more bodies we need to pile up before we change. Thank you again for sharing the link.

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