Dear Fatwa Uncle, Où es-tu?

Assuming that everyone here knows about Fatwa and its purpose, if not at least one might have read in the news because of the sensation and controversy it brings the moment it’s released.

For example this one A senior cleric at an influential Islamic seminary in Lucknow has issued a fatwa saying that Muslim women should not watch men playing soccer.

Warning! This might excite you…. Lower your gaze, O woman!!

I have a lot to say particularly to this fatwa, which I’ll be posting in the coming days. Now coming to the point why I started writing this blog for. I have observed that Muslim Clerics have almost have had debates and discussion on many similar issues, but have been ignorant of one of the most important issues of the world.

I just don’t know how can even the Most Influential ones not say a thing or release some fatwa against this. It seems they are just ignorant about Climate Change, Pollution and Marine Debris.

If any of you (Imams/Clerics/Leaders/President of Eminent Muslim Associations) are going through this, just reminding you of this hadith

An-Nu’man ibn Basheer reported: The Prophet, peace, and blessings be upon him, said, “The parable of those who respect the limits of Allah and those who violate them is that of people who board a ship after casting lots, some of them residing in its upper deck and others in its lower deck. When those in the lower deck want water, they pass by the upper deck and say: If we tear a hole in the bottom of the ship, we will not harm those above us. If those in the upper deck let them do what they want, then they will all be destroyed together. If they restrain them, then they will all be saved together.” Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 2361

 Like the Hadith says we can’t let anyone do anything which will put all of us in danger. I don’t think you will disagree if I compare the above tearing a hole in the lower deck to the hole we humans have created in the Ozone layer and the massive dumping of waste into Oceans and the enormous digging of the earth and cleaning of Mountains, all have one other way caused the Global Warming, Climate change resulting in Natural disasters, killing the whole oceans, marine life, animal kingdom and putting ours and lives of future generations in danger. 

I have been taking part in this cleanliness drive since last year, and trust me every time I go to clean I find the same amount debris especially plastics lying all over the shores, we have even found dead turtle clogged in plastics. It is dreadful to see how bad the oceans have been affected, fishermen complain that their nets are filled with plastics and hardly any fishes.

My Inspiration, Our Hero, First Indian to be awarded Champion of the Earth; Afroz Shah
Versova Beach

Gladly much awareness has been done on this and now people are aware of it but still much have to be done to make all the water bodies plastic free.

Another Inspiration, Hero; Chinu Kwatra

It is not that Muslims are ignorant of these issues, they are very much aware of this and everywhere actions are being taken, like the local Masjid and Madrasa at Versova, always take part in the beach cleaning drive. My anguish is towards Imams, why do not they give fatwas on the most important issues which are affecting the Environment.

I myself have witnessed people believing in all sorts of Superstitions, and if your words are such powerful as if narrated from one of the Gospels why don’t they utter something useful for the environment, like asking people to come forward in curbing Pollution, supporting governments initiative of banning the single use of plastics. I am sure if we start from Masjid to Masjid we can achieve a lot and be an example to the society, and in fact, spread Islam in the best form.

My Earnest request to all the respected Imams of different organizations is to come forward and take initiative in cleaning the oceans and promote zero waste management.  And ask everyone to focus more on researching and developing effective ways to stop pollution and promote green technology, renewable energy and especially in banning the use of plastics.


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