Hey you! Yeah you alone
Don’t dare to just leave like this..
I’m sorry man, this ain’t me
Its my heart whose bursting out.
You stubborn, just stay out of this,
And you, yes you reading this out
Common follow this blog, and read it aloud!!
Loud! that hearts near you also listen,
Such that every heart beats along
Louder, that evil inside is thrown outside…
And such honking one,
That shakes every living around…
And such beautiful one,
That everyone loves to live again, and not to die…

By now you might have understood, how bad I am at writing. I just want to voice my opinion about things that are happening around me and you. My blog would mostly relate to Humanity and Humanness, to be more precise I want to eradicate Poverty, pollution, and Illiteracy from every nook and corner of this world…
I suppose by now you might have concluded something about me, well then I am no big educationist, thinker, intellectual or activist.
I am just a normal human who wants to live in peace and see peace and peace alone everywhere in the world.

Kindly support me by following the blog, go through posts that interests you and don’t forget to voice your opinion there. I welcome all kind of criticism, be it on my writing, related to my posts, anything, do text me. I respect your opinion and will try my best to change accordingly.

Peace!!! Take Care…