Where is the patriotism now?

Where is the patriotism now? or are we Indians going to continue with our ChaltaHai attitude and not give a shit about whatsoever anyone does or anyone thinks about our country. Are we just going to sip teas and swipe our smartphones and not come on the streets in solidarity with little angels who have gone through ill-fated incidents. This is the continuation of my earlier post, Pakistan beats India (Please go through it before continuing with this post).

From today’s protest at Carter Road, Bandra, Mumbai.

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A huge crowd from all backgrounds were on the streets today, demanding JUSTICE and END to the endless rapes happening in India. I felt the uprising amongst the people, how terrible everyone felt when they were demanding and shouting slogans for justice.
We protested for an hour and more, hearing few speakers speak and updating us on the rape case of Asifa, we all promised to join protests again till justice and some stricter decision is made on the case.

Everyone was discussing with each other what can be done, how to fasten the court proceedings and how to give the little girl, Asifa, and every other rape victims speedy justice. I could see the rage in every eye that fell in front of me, red and teary with voices very strong and placards on every hand. This is the rage of common people and I am warning the police and governments that if something is not done fast, people will create unrest everywhere. Already I found Timeline filled with images of the protest from almost every small town of the country, youth is rising and thus there is hope.

We can and only we can bring changes in the system and its we who run the country, the Youth of India.

This time I want to introduce you to 3 very brave leaders who are playing the most important roles in this case. And I must say we are blessed to have these brave minds born here in India.

Shehla Rashid
While watching her Times conclave interview video in February I  heard her speaking out on the ongoing politics behind the Kathua rape case, and I was shocked to see that we, Indians are learning about this only in the month of April.
She has been protesting since then at Jammu & Kashmir and now helped the victims family with crowdfunding to fight the case against MPs, MLAs, Police and many other accused.

Deepika Singh Rajawat

The very brave lawyer fighting this case, in her interview showing a pic of her daughter she said, “She is five years old and her name is Ashtami. I am fighting this case also for her”. Since the time she took this case, she has been receiving death threats.  But the best part is she has disappointed every one of them and is ready to take everything that comes to getting the little angel JUSTICE.


Swati Maliwal

The DCW chief has sat on Indefinite Hunger strike and today was the 3rd day of the fast, people in Delhi have come to her support and are fasting with her. But later in the evening today, I have heard news of police disrupting the event and have asked them to vacate the space.



I must say that I misunderstood every one of us as scribbled in my earlier post, Pakistan Beats India (Please go through it, if you haven’t read it yet). People have proved me wrong and are fighting for you dear, Asifa. And now I have hope that we the youth of India will not let you down and make sure you get Justice the earliest. I just ask for a little more time, for now, you know how Indian systems work but we are trying hard to change that, just spare us with a little more time and you will know that we Indians feel terrible when the daughters are in pain.

Let us all continue fighting, and a big shoutout to those who took time from their busy schedule to voice against the gruesome incidents that have taken place in recent past.


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