Why Sexy Specs ?

Everyone of you might have assumed that I’m someone with bad eyesight, who wears boring round soda glasses, with all geeky looks.
Well then I’m to dishearten you that with Almighty’s grace I have been gifted a superb Eyesight scoring 6/6.

Still you might have a question why “Specs” then ???

Ummm…. Specs just because I feel gals look even more cute when they put on specs, and love them calling Chasmish. That’s where the specs came from. And why century old specs because round sunglasses are my latest crush.

And now my Blog as #MySxySpecs
Well I didn’t get any other name which could directly relate my world of visions, or how I see things.And when you go through My Sexy Specs that’s equal to putting them on, that’s where you visualize my imaginations and vision.

Don’t you think my specs are truly sexy!!!
Don’t worry my hearts #punjabi, I give everyone permission to try it out, take selfies and share them.

Love & Peace to all of you ย ;D


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