Peace ain’t peace anymore…

Everyone would agree with this I guess that “Peace, ain’t peace anymore”. The word peace doesn’t sound such peaceful nor is being used in such a way. For example lets say about ‘Peace Keepers’, I don’t know if there’s actually a word like this. My definition is ‘someone who keeps or maintains peace’ is a “Peace Keeper”.
The United States of America is one such Peace Keeper, who seems to have the copyright of Peace. US being the most powerful be it wealth wise or weapon wise has conquered almost each and every developing country, be it military settlements or controlling their economy.
Today each and every developing, under developed and few developed countries too are under the United States, who when told to feed, feeds and when told to shit, shits. And seeing this Russia couldn’t see all of it going away from them.
Yippee! we got another Peace Keeper, so this would actually make us world a more peaceful place. If you think this way then you are actually living in peace, because this is just two of them we have many more like this who are looting the whole earth in the name of “Peace” and “War on Terrorism”.

mysexyspecs-peace fuck

Presently we have two ‘Peace Keepers’, one who used this term to conquer the world and the other who couldn’t bare the other taking away everything. And a new War has begun between the two Peace Keepers to spread Peace around the world against the most potential threat to Humanity the world has seen, IS (Islamic State).

You might be aware of all this as this has got much more hype than the recent Ankara Attack, where 97 got killed in two bomb blasts that happened in a Peace Rally. You see how Peace is very much close to the Violence.

Anyway what left me ROFL was while reading the Fifth Column by Gwyne Dyer at the Editorial section of The Telegraph, Calcutta where the NATO’s  28 member have asked Russia to cease and desist the air strikes in Syria. As there is a western complaint that Russian are bombing the “wrong people” contrary to the American and European assertions, that they are bombing the “right”.

When googled “Russian air strikes at Syria”
When googled " American air strikes at Syria"
When googled ” American air strikes at Syria”

After going through the above pics, all I find is the difference in aircraft, both doing the same thing. And so all I conclude from above para that, Russians are still far behind the Americans and Europeans in terms of technology. Because when Americans or Europeans lead air strikes it targets “right people” , only the IS militants whereas, when Russian does the same it targets “wrong people”, kills people near the attack. I guess the American missiles have got some special detectors, which detects IS militants and hits them alone and not the people around it.

I see these so called “Peace Keepers” have polluted the air such that people are not even able to see things clearly with their naked eye. I guess i’ll have to increase my productions which could help the whole world see clearly again with My Sexy Specs.


So do you agree with me now that ” Peace, ain’t peace anymore”. Peace is being used as a tool to kill and conquer nowadays and its really shameful that the whole Humanity is just watching it and ain’t doing anything to stop this inhumane acts. They say that slavery has gone extinct, but I feel slavery exist today even and just the look of it has changed.

mysexyspecs- peace kill

Like peace many other words have lost its meaning, I think the care takers of this (The language shit such as Oxford and Harvard) should give a look to this and change the words meaning in dictionaries.


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