Clash of The Guardians

This post is related to the last one “Peace, ain’t peace anymore” . As the heading goes “Clash of The Guardians”, so to have a clash we need to have Guardians. And here Guardians are none other but the ones who are the Peace Keepers,The super powers of the world who got the proprietary of the word Peace.

And the wit is, the Guardians of the world are fighting now to guard the world. Can you see how funny it is when reading or writing the statement. The same is happening today in Syria and the Middle East. These Super Powers in order to conquer the world in the name of Terrorist and Terrorism have created a Kichdi (An Indian dish which is cooked by mixing almost all Ingredient). The US with their allies in the Middle East are targeting the Islamic State where as the Russians are not only targeting the Islamic State militants but the other groups who are against Assad (Present President of Syria).

For me it’s very painful to know that Syria still has a president, I mean is there any need of a president? When almost complete nation has been destroyed and people are seeking refuge from their nation running to European countries, these rich people they are happily seated as the Country head with a plan of taking back the whole nation when everything comes to rest (The Islamic State Shit). Probably Assad forgot what happened to Saddam Husain and Osama Bin Laden (They were brought up by United States only).

Whatever it be My Sexy Specs clearly envisages me, end of the Islamic State and Syria as a nation. Soon everything will come to an end and we will have 1/4th each given to America, Europe and Russia and the rest 1/4th to Assad and the whole Syrian citizens.
The end will be very soon as Russia, who couldn’t bear sitting idle when everyone else as looting the country. Hence they have come out and are attacking every militant groups which is a threat to Assad regime. And Russia have also blamed Islamic State as US and their allies product.

Everyone seems to have played a role in this, even the Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar are part of the game being played in Syria. I hope now each and everyone can smell the foul these leaders have been playing around in the name of Peace and terrorism.

Clash of The Guardians have really brought out the truth of the so-called ISIS, at least the Islamophobia will vanish from Peoples heart when they come to know it’s not the religion Islam which created these terrorists, but their own heads who seems to be the creator.

Clash of The Guardians…

Watch this 90 seconds video to see the cooked up #Kichdi and you will find that all these Guardians are waiting for is the Kichdi to be served.


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