Thought For the Day

This one is part of the 3 day quote challenge. If you haven’t checked my first quote which was related to Wild life Day then go through it, hope you will enjoy it.

“Technological progress is like an Axe in the hands of a Pathological Criminal”

~ Albert Einstein


This is one of the many quotes which I love, and the reason of this being one of my favorites is just because it helped me to debate against the scientific development. I used it like my sword to fight with the opposition, but sadly they won. 😉


4 thoughts on “Thought For the Day

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  1. Einstein actually quoted this in one of his letters after First World War , that technological developments is also a dangerous thing if gone to wrong hands. For example the ISIS, the worlds still unaware how easily they breach every security and intelligence and how do they have so much arms…. Hope you got the meaning 🙂

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