The Terrorist

We all have this general idea of who a terrorist is, well any kid can draw a picture or describe how a terrorist looks like.
If I am not wrong, a terrorist is generally presumed to be a bearded man wearing a Thobe or a Kurta with face covered with scarfs and an AK-47 placed in his hand. To make it more vivid and colorful he must be having a black flag in his backdrop with some scribbles in Arabic, and while pulling off the trigger he must shout “Allah-U-Akbar”.

This is what people in general believe, the stereotypes in our society which is actually alarming for all of us. When we will be looking for a terrorist to appear in a costume mentioned above, by the time the terrorist must have blown the whole city by appearing in Β a complete different attire, a clean shaven guy wearing jeans, t-shirt, sneakers with a fast track bag. Why do we people have this idea that they will have only cheap stuffs, when they have so many investors to fund them for their weapon can’t they wear all big brands for the last time, just giving it a thought.

Anyways I am not here writing White Paper on “Terrorism” nor lecturing people about it, just wanted to give an idea of how bad we people are, to believe anything and everything which is been shown to us. And if we agree or not the truth is, we only say the stuffs we are told, and the credits completely goes to the media and politicians benefiting by spreading hatred and violence amongst us.

If we give a glance on the Uran case, where two school kids describing men exact the way I mentioned above and the whole nation going alarmed, with schools and offices being shut and letting out thousands of force, military across the city doing search operations. All just because of a small school kid prank.
I mean is this a joke ??Β Anyone will come up with anything and we will believe any shit. Is this how less confident our Intelligence and army is, why we people never question this. Why is it like this, some people gets inside our territory with weapons and bomb the whole city and kill millions and all we do is blame Pakistan, and ask United State to tell Pakistan to handover the person who planted all these terror attacks.
Don’t you feel ashamed when our representatives talk like this, it actually shows our Impotency towards protecting ourselves.

From past few days I am seeing people talk about the recent outcomes of the break up between Modi and Nawaz. A sense of fear amongst everyone has spread, and for us Indians from the day when Pakistan boasted of having a Nuke with them. Since then the tensions across borders have been ignited, keeping Kashmir aside the list as for them tensions, bombings and protests have become a usual business.
We are now living under fear of war, actually a nuclear war which if happens will leave Hiroshima and Nagasaki very far behind.
An atmosphere of fear, where each and every Indian and Pakistani is sensing terror from each other, so tell me isn’t this ‘Terrorism’ ??? And the people behind it, obviously the representatives the ‘Terrorists’ then ??

Ask yourself the questions and comment below, I have still not written the thing I actually came to write today, the post has become quite big so leaving it for the next post tomorrow hopefully, if I am alright and a nuke doesn’t make me rest forever.

Did I just terrorize you a bit, did a sense of fear grew inside you reading this ?
If yes, then did I not just terrorize you. And doesn’t that make me amongst your list of Terrorist ?

That’s all, take care. Love & Peace to all πŸ™‚



17 thoughts on “The Terrorist

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  1. Hiii. I somewhere knew your next post would definitely be something like terrorism. Hehe, and that actually came true!

    The starting made me think, you’re right, why will a terrorist not come into a jeans and T-shirt? Why have we made up a particular image of how a terrorist looks!

    And one more thing, your posts are so informative. I always get to learn something from you. (as I’m bad at politics and current affairs πŸ˜‘)

    So tell me, according to you, what should India do in this situation?

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    1. What India must do is a big question? which I believe even experts will have trouble answering.
      All I stand is for No war and No violence, which I believe every politicians also stand for.
      And my post was to just bring peoples attention towards the word “Terrorist” & “Terrorism”, what does it mean and how its being portrayed to us.

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      1. Ahaan. I respect that. We want peace. And I respect all that you wrote. It really helped me. All thanks to you. ☺☺

        Reading newspapers and watching news never interest me. But reading the same thing by my favourite bloggers on the blog is always a YES! Hehe, thankyou for contributing a bit to my GK. Aur likhna. πŸ˜ΉπŸ˜‡

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  2. It is important that both Pakistan and India stop this childish nonsense in name of misplaced patriotism and fueling hatred by glorifying our military’s role and also the ineffectual political leadership that for votes is keeping two nations bound beyond borders in these circumstances. As a Pakistani who has Indian roots from UP and others, I have been to your wonderful country many times despite visa dramas. I have met people who have loved me and I have hosted Indian relatives, friends and youth on this side of border, frankly most people are tired of this aggression and man made terrorism sentiment. The Partition broke us into two countries, better three but we need to work together as nations to move beyond the hate narratives.
    I have written many times on India-Pakistan issues at my blog and in my activism career, feel free to browse them. Like you I stand for peace and non violent solutions and how about politicians actually working together to eradicate poverty from our countries instead of boasting on nuclear technologies and bombs. Much has gone wrong and we need to end blame game and both sides need to accept responsibilities. If these leaders cannot deliver us stability, progress and peace what good they are to us as civilian populations?
    Sharm inko magar atee nahee, but people of both countries will ensure a sanity towards right step instead of this tit for tat conflicts. Good post here, raised blood pressure subha he subha! πŸ™‚

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    1. I haven’t had opportunity to cross borders, but have met very nice people through twitter.
      And nobody is interested in war, we commoners love to live a peaceful life.
      And I believe one day we will come together πŸ™‚

      Thank you for the wonderful feedback and sorry for the high BP thing :p

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  3. No worries for the blood pressure πŸ˜€ it means I still am alive! And yes no one is interested in war and I think we are together despite the borders just we need to have more solid unified voices in Indo-Pak. Among others stories, I wrote this in August for our nations birthdays at
    You are most welcome to visit on this side of this border and keep up the good work!

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      1. I am glad you enjoyed, the tag partition and 1947, 1971 are all about our shared history and sub-continental issues πŸ™‚
        Let me go on to your next post now !

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