Saluting Lalita this Earth Day!



Before introducing Lalita and her greatness let me tell you one of the greatest facts of today’s world ” If 1 or 2 people are killed today, nobody cares about it and very soon these small killings would lose the credibility of being news from the Newspapers most unwanted pages most unwanted columns”.

The reason to this negligence is simple, when we hear big numbers like 50 and 100s dying every day at some part of Yemen, Somalia, Syria & Iraq, what weight does 1 or 2 deaths have in front of them. And that’s the very reason why even Soldiers Martyrdoms have no place today.

Tree Hugging- India

Every one of us remembers the famous Chipko movement in the 1970s, we salute Amrita Devi and her 363 companions who died hugging the Khejri trees in 1730, but why doesn’t anyone seem bothered about Lalita, who was burned to death a few days back. No fuss, no noise, no awards, no monuments, no praises, no candle light marches, nobody even remembers her I guess,  leave all of this she is yet to get receive justice. People who burnt her are yet to be punished, one of the accused is the village head himself. The links to the news are below:
Huffington Post: 20-Year-Old Woman Burnt Alive For Protesting Against Cutting Of Trees In Jodhpur
Hindustan Times: Woman burnt to death near Jodhpur for protesting chopping of tree


Tree hug-smile
This is not Lalita, it is a picture of a little girl hugging a tree.


I was totally disturbed when I heard this news, who in today’s world gives life for trees and who in today’s world takes life for trees. Today when all of us are doing so much of talking to protect the Earth and fight the climate change, this young lady did what possibly none of us could have done. This Earth Day that is April 22nd, 2017 I completely dedicate it to my Shero, Lalita. This young girl laid her life protecting the trees of her farm and what we all want is development, we want everything at our doorstep sorry at our fingertip, but we forget all these advancements have cost a lot to our Mother Earth and as days pass it is just going to increase, the degradation of our planet.

I wish to see the day when people would vote Politicians to power on their Environmental protection goals, the day when each and every human will become conscious about the environment and its protection.

It’s the duty of all of us to not let go these Martyrdoms in vain, we need to be more conscious about our duties towards Earth and its protection.

That’s all for today, waiting for the justice to be delivered because Justice delayed is justice denied. I request all environmentalists and nature lovers to raise your voice for the support of Lalita, that she Rests In Peace after the guilty has been given severe punishments.

May Allah bless her soul!

Love & Peace to all.





6 thoughts on “Saluting Lalita this Earth Day!

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    1. I’m happy that you got benefitted from my post.
      Switching off TV & News won’t stop this evil. We need to keep walking the talking we all do. Then only we will be on right path, being ignorant isn’t the solution. 🙂

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      1. It’s not being ignorant it’s staying with ignorant is. What you sow what you pow. So putting filth of media will bring filth out, that’s my philosophy.

        About the act part to bring the change, be the change, that you want to see. People will see the change

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