We are bringing it…, Change.

If you are an Indian reading this, then stop to whatever you are doing and pat yourself thrice, because we have again held ourselves high.
Reason …….??/
It’s not about the recent Olympic medals brought to India and nor about the G-SAT 18 satellite hopefully  which will leave Earth tomorrow,  but it’s all about us, India submitting  Instrument of Ratification.

This was done by our UN Ambassador Syed Akrabuddin submitting the documents signed by the President of India on October 2nd 2016 at a special event to commemorate the Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary.

And later Ban Ki Moon thanked Indians, by saying “Sabhi Bharatiyo ko dhanyvaad”.
Below is his Vlog.


And not to forget another Important man, Obama. We all know about Modi-Bama relationships, and you can actually sense it in the tweet below

That was all about how we Indians going to bring change……..

We are not ignorant to Leonardo’s contribution towards stopping Climate change and I didn’t see any other actor caring and worrying about Climate Change so much. He gave a message to the world while lifting his Academy awards and now again he is doing his bit by a documentary to create awareness amongst people.
The trailer just released and I am all excited to watch the documentary.


It’s time, It’s happening, Climate Change is real…….
Act before its late!

Did I just terrorize you ??
Weird question right ?? Doesn’t go at all with the context
Then do go through my earlier post, to why I asked you this question all of a sudden.

That’s all !!!!  Take Care, Lots of Love & Peace to you…… 🙂

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